Once upon a time...
Some fashion models were busy being photographed in the hot sun.
After a while and several wardrobe changes one of them said,
“I wish I had better make up that I wouldn’t sweat off so easily.”
In that moment, the idea for the company was born.

Playing on the term “sweat,” Sugar Sweat Cosmetics
acknowledges the “sweat equity” all women put into their lives—
moms, corporate executives, fitness devotees and mavens of whatever manner.

We believe long-lasting and luxurious are not mutually exclusive and offer a
complete line of cosmetic products that stand up to the demands of your life.
We proudly sell beauty that is globally conscious, all with loving touches just for you.
We strive to be not only our best, but your best too.

Sugar Sweat Cosmetics. Last long, play strong.
Founders: Evan Fogelman
Marketing Director: Maggie Groves 
Brand Exec & Lead Pro Artist: Kathryn Havens 
And, of course, The Boss: OUR CUSTOMERS

We accept unused and unopened returns within 7 days of receipt :) Get in touch at Kathryn@sugarsweat.com