Our Story, Our Promise.

Sugar Sweat Cosmetics started with an observation: Most cosmetics don’t stand up to the rigors of everyday life. They have to be re-applied time and time again, heat destroys them, they just don’t work on the fly. Sure, they look good at the beginning of day—or night—but, by the end, if you don’t have a “selfie” of the way you looked, it’s just a memory.

We are changing the game! No matter what your walk of life, we sustain your best beauty—beginning to end. Whether you’re an active Mom, a news anchor under the lights, or just lounging by the pool in the Vegas sun, we’ve got you covered. (Some of our customers are all three of things we just mentioned, by the way!)

Our cosmetics line is American-made, Paraben free and cruelty-free. We never test on animals, and develop with a commitment to global consciousness and sustainability. Our naturally-based formulas use essential oils as preservatives and utilize organic and vegan ingredients. We personally test and evaluate each product to make sure the observation which started us is addressed and maintained, along with the qualities associated by both luxury and the best industry standards.

Sugar Sweat. For your best you, now. (And 15 hours from now, too!)


Get Beautiful. Stay Beautiful.